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2016: The Year of Concentrates

Concentrates offer a more potent way to get medicated without having to smoke a ton of weed. They are priced similarly to cannabis, depending on what state you live in and the legality of cannabis. 

Dispensaries often have weekly deals on different types of cannabis products. Make sure to subscribe to their e-mail list so you don't miss out. You only need a dab to get medicated, meaning you can ration it out better. The taste is quite different than smoking a joint, since you're only vaporizing the THC instead of combusting it.

There are a variety of different cannabis extracts to choose from. 

Budder, resin, and shatter are three main forms of concentrates found in dispensaries. 

You can easily convert your old bong into an oil rig by buying a titanium nail that fits.Different concentrates offer different affects depending on if their sativa or indica. Oil rigs aren't too expensive as long as your not aiming to buy pieces from big artists like Hitman or Mothership.

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New Mexico Gives Approval to Recreational Marijuana

Results came in and they proved that over 70% of people in the state wanted adults to be able to buy marijuana from dispensaries.

3 out of 5 people in New Mexico are all for the taxation of recreational cannabis according to a recent survey.

Do you support the use of cannabis to treat negative symptoms?

Over 400 residents were a part of the survey ran by cannabis producers and various pro-marijuana groups. Over 60% of residents in New Mexico fully supported the idea.


Support rose after the citizens were told that tax profits coming in from cannabis sales would go to healthcare and drug addiction programs.


New Mexico has already approved the use of cannabis to treat medical illnesses back in 2007. Now they plan to move unto recreational cannabis and reap in the tax benefits from the green rush.